Certified Translation Czech-English / English-Czech

  • I provide certified translations of all types of documents, including certified translations intended for colleges, universities, banks, the Home Office, DVLA, HMRC and many others.
  • I offer certified translations from English to Czech intended for the Czech Embassy in London, mainly British birth and marriage certificates but also others.

Who might need a certified translation?

  • A certified translation from Czech to English may be required by various British organizations, e.g. the Home Office, DVLA, HMRC, NHS, banks, insurance companies, schools and many other companies and employers.
  • A certified translation into English is also required by UK Naric, a British body specializing in comparing and recognizing foreign academic qualifications.
  • A certified translation into Czech is required by the Czech Embassy in London when applying for certain Czech documents from the UK like a Czech birth or marriage certificate, a Czech passport and others.

What does a certified translation look like?

  • The translation will contain a certification statement at the bottom, which will say that the translation is “to the best of my knowledge and belief a true, accurate and complete translation of the Czech language document”. It will be signed by me, stamped and dated.
  • It is usually enough to staple the certified English to a scanned copy of the Czech document. Sometimes an electronic version of the translation is enough – it’s best to check with the intended recipient what they require. In the case of translations for the Czech Embassy in London, the translation will need to be attached to the original.

Who can provide a certified translation?

  • In some countries, including the Czech Republic, only court appointed translators can provide certified translations. These translators have a special round stamp with the Czech state emblem.
  • In the UK any qualified translator can provide you with a certified translation. They will attach a statement that the translation is accurate and true, and they sign and date and may stamp the translation (although this is not a legal requirement).

How much is a certified translation?

  • The price for a certified translation starts at £22 for an email copy, or £25 for a hard copy posted to you. Full pricing information can be found on the PRICES page.