Certified Translation of a Czech “vysvědčení” – GCSE

Have you been asked to provide proof of GCSE grades by a college, university or employer? If you have a Czech “vysvědčení” from year 8 or 9 (whichever was your last year at “základní škola”), you have the equivalent of a GCSE certificate and I can provide you with a certified translation.

  • Price: £25 for the front page or £38 for front and back (the price is final and includes First Class Signed For delivery).
  • Timescale: usually 3 working days of receiving your document and payment – if you need the translation more urgently let me know and I will see what I can do

How to order the translation of a Czech vysvědčení – GCSE

1. Send me an e-mail with your requirements. Attach the Czech “vysvědčení” that you need translated. You can also tell me what purpose the translation will serve and whether you need a hard copy or if an electronic one will suffice.

2. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I cannot always reply to emails straightaway so please be patient. All emails are answered within 24 hours.

3. If you agree with the price and timescale I will send you payment details. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal is preferred.

4. Your translation will be either posted or emailed to you by the agreed deadline.

Is it necessary to send the original to you?

No. An electronic copy is usually enough. I would always recommend you check with the intended recipient of the translation to find out what exactly they require.

What does a certified translation of a Czech vysvědčení look like?

A certified translation of a Czech year 9 vysvědčení will include a translator’s certification statement in which I will certify that the translation is to the best of my knowledge and belief a true, accurate and complete translation of the original/attached document. The translation will be stamped, signed and dated and will include my contact details as well as my qualification. This is a standard procedure and a certified translation like this will be accepted by British schools, universities and other organizations.

What’s the British equivalent of Czech vysvědčení z 9. ročníku ZŠ?

For the purposes of the UK, your Czech vysvědčení will be translated as “GCSE certificate“. GCSEs are examinations by which a student finishes their compulsory education. This can best be compared to the last vysvědčení from a Czech elementary school, although there are no official exams there. Good GCSE grades, just like good grades from the last year of a Czech základní škola are needed to be accepted onto further courses, schools and colleges.