General Czech English Translation

As well as certified translations, I provide general translations of a variety of documents, either from Czech into English or from English into Czech.

Types of Documents I can translate for you

  • Business documents – letters, emails, contracts etc.
  • Technical documents – manuals, user guides, handbooks etc.
  • Legal documents
  • Marketing materials – leaflets, brochures, booklets etc.
  • Educational materials
  • Personal correspondence
  • Other general translations

 Cost of General Czech English Translation

  • Prices for general translation (business, legal, educational, technical and other texts) start at £0.07 per source text word and rarely go above £0.12 per source text word. Source text is the text that I will be translating from.
  • The cost of your translation will normally be worked out on a per-word basis. Therefore, in order for me to give you the most accurate quote for your project, I will usually need to see the document first to assess difficulty and estimate word count. Please email me at for a free no-obligation quote.