Terms and conditions

The Client is used to refer to the individual/company commissioning the translating service.

The Translator is used to refer to the individual providing a translation in the normal course of

Translation is used to mean the preparation of the translation or any other translation-related task such as revising, editing and proofreading but not copywriting or adaptation.

Copyright in source material and translation rights:

The Translator accepts an order from The Client on the understanding that performance of the translation task will not infringe any third party rights. The Client undertakes to keep The Translator harmless from any claim for infringement of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights in all cases. The Client likewise undertakes to keep The Translator harmless from any legal action, including but not limited to defamation, which may arise as a result of the content of the original source material or its translation.

Responsibility and Liability:

The translator shall use his or her best endeavours to do the work to the best of his or her ability, knowledge and belief, and consulting such authorities as are reasonably available to him or her at the time. A translation shall be fit for its stated purpose and target readership and the level of quality specified. Unless specified otherwise, translations shall be deemed to be required to be of “for information” quality only. The liability of The Translator on any grounds whatsoever shall be limited to the invoiced value of the work.


No documents for translation shall be deemed to be confidential unless this is expressly stated by The Client. However, The Translator shall at all times exercise due discretion in respect of disclosure to any Third Part of any information contained in The Client’s original documents or the translations thereof without the express authorization of The Client. Nevertheless, a third party may be consulted over specific translation terminology queries, provided that there is no disclosure of confidential material. The Translator shall be responsible for the safekeeping of The Client’s documents and copies of the translations and shall ensure their secure disposal.


If a translation task is commissioned and subsequently cancelled, reduced in scope, or frustrated by an act or omission on the part of The Client or any third party, The Client shall pay the full contract sum unless otherwise agreed in advance.


Any delivery date or dates agreed between the translator and the Client shall become binding only after the translator has seen or heard all of the source material to be translated and has received complete instructions from the Client. The date of delivery shall not be of the essence unless specifically agreed in writing. Unless otherwise agreed, the translator shall dispatch the translation in such a way that the Client can reasonably expect to receive it not later than the normal close of business at the Client’s premises on the date of delivery.


Payment in full to the translator shall be effected not later than 30 days from the date of invoice by the method of payment specified. For long assignments or texts, the translator may request an initial payment and periodic partial payments on terms to be agreed.

Satisfaction with Services:

Any discrepancies must be highlighted within 5 days upon receipt of the translation, otherwise it is considered to be accurate. Discrepancies must be submitted in a manner that accurately demonstrates the nature of the complaint.